Tipster script Competition

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Transform your betting site with our advanced Competition Plugin. Ignite the competitive spirit by hosting unlimited tipster challenges, fostering vibrant community interaction, and showcasing shared expertise through collaborative betting tips
79 EUR / year

Tipster Script stands out as the premier WordPress plugin specifically tailored for tipster competitions. Beyond facilitating competitions, it empowers you to craft your personalized tipster profile, showcasing your expertise and sharing your top-notch predictions with a global audience.

Our team has invested considerable time and effort to ensure both the speed and simplicity of the plugin, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience. The installation process is straightforward, mirroring the simplicity of adding any other WordPress plugin. To further enhance your experience and ease of content editing, you have the option to choose from three exceptional plugins tailored for page content customization.

Versatile Layout Options for Tipster Picks

At TipsterScript, we understand that everyone has a unique way of consuming information. With this in mind, we’ve crafted four distinct layouts to display our top sports picks, ensuring you have the most comfortable and efficient browsing experience.

Classic View offers a traditional table format, providing a familiar and straightforward overview. It’s perfect for those who appreciate clarity and a linear arrangement.

1 Column View presents each pick in a detailed manner, allowing you to immerse yourself in one selection at a time. This layout prioritizes depth and detail.

2 Columns View strikes a balance. By showcasing two picks side-by-side, it provides a mix of breadth and depth, giving you a broader perspective without overwhelming.

Lastly, our 3 Columns View is designed for the quick scanners among us. With a compact arrangement, it’s great for those who wish to see a variety of picks at a glance.

Single Prediction Layouts: Classic vs. Modern

Tipster Script believes in choices. For our Single Prediction feature, we present two distinct design pathways. First, our Classic layout – a nod to the timeless approach, showcasing information in a clear, unadulterated manner. It’s perfect for users who seek straightforwardness. Alternatively, the Modern layout delivers a contemporary twist, blending style with substance. Here, users will experience a blend of fresh design elements coupled with intuitive navigation. Choose based on what best represents your brand and resonates with your audience.

Revolutionized Tipster Experience: The Improved Layout

Change is the only constant, and at Tipster Script, we’re constantly evolving. Introducing the Improved Single Tipster Layout, an upgrade designed to elevate the user’s journey. This layout offers a comprehensive view of all available subscriptions, each detailed and arranged for effortless browsing. From clarity in displaying offerings to the ease of initiating a purchase, this layout ensures users have everything they need at their fingertips. Give your audience a seamless and enriched tipster experience like never before.

Unlimited Colors & Four Predefined Theme Styles

Expansive Color Customization: Unlock the full spectrum of expression with our Unlimited Colors feature. Tailor the aesthetic of your tipster script to match your brand or personal taste with an endless array of hues. From the tranquil shades of cerulean blue to the vibrant energy of lime green, you have the freedom to create a look that’s as unique as your content.

Curated Theme Styles: In addition to customizable colors, we offer Four Predefined Theme Styles to jump-start your site’s design. Each theme serves as a professionally designed foundation that can be further tweaked to perfection.

Seamless Integration: The Unlimited Colors feature integrates seamlessly with the predefined themes, ensuring a smooth and cohesive visual experience. This flexibility allows for a personalized touch without the hassle of complex coding. Engage your audience with a website that’s both visually stunning and functionally robust.

Consistent Brand Identity: Establishing a consistent brand identity is effortless with our theme options. Choose colors that resonate with your brand’s core values and use them across all touchpoints on your site. This consistency not only reinforces brand recognition but also instills trust and professionalism in your audience.

With the combined power of unlimited colors and predefined theme styles, your tipster platform will not only be powerful but also visually dynamic and appealing.

Customizable Bookie Reviews

Delve deeper into the world of betting with Tipster Script’s tailored bookie review feature. Our plugin isn’t just about offering adding predictions; it’s about letting you craft your own authentic reviews to better serve your audience.

Customization is at the heart of our design. Users can highlight the pros, cons, and unique offerings of each bookmaker, ensuring that reviews are both personalized and informative. With Tipster Script, you have full control over the narrative.

Whether you’re a seasoned reviewer or just starting, our platform makes the process intuitive and straightforward. Plus, with mobile-responsive design, your reviews will shine across all devices. Elevate your content, provide unparalleled insights, and foster trust with your audience using the Tipster Script plugin.

More to Explore

Instant Pick Alerts Keep a pulse on the betting scene with our latest update. Now, our Instant Pick Alerts don’t just hit your email inbox; they also pop up on Telegram and Discord. Every time a new tip is live, you’ll know instantly, no matter which platform you’re on. This new, versatile notification system is designed to keep you connected with the action, ensuring you’re always equipped with the freshest tips and insights. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, and we make sure of that, whether you’re behind a desk or on the move.

Setup Simplified: Installation Wizard Embark on a hassle-free setup journey with our Installation Wizard. Tailored to guide you through the configuration of the Tipster Script settings, this intuitive feature ensures a smooth and straightforward installation process. From initial steps to customized adjustments, our wizard is your personal guide, paving the way to a seamless start. Begin your Tipster Script experience with confidence, knowing that every detail is meticulously arranged for optimal performance.

Data Management Ease: Import/Export Tipster Data Unlock the power of efficient data management with our Import/Export Tipster Data feature. Whether you’re looking to migrate your tipster’s matches from another system or back up your current data, our tool streamlines the process. Importing is as simple as uploading a CSV file, instantly populating your database with new matches. Conversely, exporting your comprehensive tipster data into a CSV file is just a click away, facilitating effortless data analysis and record-keeping. Elevate your operational efficiency with this robust and flexible data management solution.

Exclusive Care: Premium Support & Continuous Updates Unlock the full potential of your tipster platform with our exclusive Premium Support and ongoing updates. Active subscribers reap the benefits of immediate, expert assistance, ensuring any technical queries or operational issues are resolved with utmost priority. Our commitment to your success extends beyond support; enjoy the peace of mind that comes with free, regular updates, keeping your platform at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. Active subscriptions bring a world of stability and advancement—where support meets sustainability for your thriving tipster community.

Leaderboard Spotlight: Monthly Tipster Competitions Elevate the thrill of betting with our “Monthly Tipster Competitions” feature, designed to showcase the prowess of top performers. Engage your community by setting up enthralling contests where tipsters strive to climb the ranks, each vying for the coveted top spot in real-time, dynamic leaderboards. Displayed in a comprehensive table, the competition tracks progress, comparing current and past month results, fueling a competitive spirit that keeps users returning. Celebrate success, honor the skilled, and drive user engagement, turning every month into a showcase of excellence and excitement.

Comprehensive Sports Data Integration: Full & Light Import Options Unlock the full potential of your tipster platform with our “Sportstatsapi Data Import” feature. Choose between a ‘Full Import’ to seamlessly integrate an extensive range of data, including sports, countries, leagues, and teams, or opt for the ‘Light Import’ for a more focused approach, incorporating just sports and countries. With these powerful import options, keep your platform robust and relevant, catering to both avid enthusiasts and casual users alike

Customizable Bookie Profiles: Predefined and Personalized Elevate your tipster platform with the dynamic “Bookies” feature, where convenience meets customization. Start with a selection of predefined bookies, ready for immediate use, and tailor them to your preferences. Modify existing profiles, add new ones, and enhance each with unique images and personalized referral URLs. Craft a unique betting landscape that not only guides your users to trusted bookmakers but also aligns with your brand through custom curation. Your platform, your choices — drive engagement and growth through a bespoke bookie directory.

Diverse Betting Options: Single & Combo Predictions Cater to all betting strategies on your platform with the versatile feature that allows for adding both single match predictions and combo predictions. Whether your users are fans of straightforward, single-game bets or they thrive on the thrill of combining multiple matches, our tool empowers them to engage with their preferred style. Simplify the process for your users by providing an intuitive interface where selecting a single event is just as easy as crafting a combo prediction with various matches. This flexibility not only enhances user experience but also widens your platform’s appeal to a broader audience of betting enthusiasts.

Pro Tips

  • Specialized Tipster Script Admin Access: Equip your Tipster script admins with dedicated rights to manage betting functionalities securely, without granting broader WordPress site control, ensuring focused oversight and safeguarding site integrity.
  • Odds Flexibility: Offer versatility in betting with the choice of American, Fractional, or Decimal odds to accommodate user preferences and international standards.
  • Tailored Tipster Constraints: Enforce structured betting guidance by setting clear parameters for tipsters, including a deadline for posting picks to maintain timely insights, a cap on daily and monthly pick submissions to ensure quality over quantity, and stake limits per day and month to foster responsible betting practices within competitions or general tipster activities.
  • Customizable Pick Display: Adjust the visibility of picks by excluding pending predictions from the played history, offering a curated overview of picks with complete results.
  • Customizable Tipster Privileges: Control tipsters’ actions by enabling or disabling their ability to edit active picks, add results, or delete active and played picks, ensuring integrity and accuracy of the betting history.
  • Diverse Betting Options: Offer tipsters a range of betting types for predictions, including Money Line, Handicap, Over/Under, or an ‘Other’ category for unique or special bets, accommodating all betting strategies and preferences.
  • Frontend Tipster Profiles: Empower users with the ability to manage their tipster profiles directly from the frontend, providing a seamless and integrated experience without the need to access the WordPress admin area.
(Based on 37 reviews)
Emily Thompson
Verified buyer
Emily Thompson -
This plugin has significantly increased user engagement on our site. The competition aspect is both fun and professionally executed.
Haruto Watanabe
Verified buyer
Haruto Watanabe -
As a developer, I appreciate the clean code and the flexibility it offers. As a user, I love the excitement it brings to the game!
Lucas da Silva
Verified buyer
Lucas da Silva -
The seamless integration and user-friendly design make this the best competition plugin on the market. My users can't get enough!
Sofia Ricci
Verified buyer
Sofia Ricci -
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, this plugin continues to exceed expectations. It's a staple for our online betting community now
Oliver Thompson
Verified buyer
Oliver Thompson -
Very satisfied with the continual updates. The plugin has matured well and is now a key draw for our site.
Florian Müller
Verified buyer
Florian Müller -
A robust plugin that adds a competitive spirit to the betting experience. The level of detail and user control is top-notch.
Geneviève Lefèvre
Verified buyer
Geneviève Lefèvre -
The competition element has really ramped up the excitement on our platform. Engaging and incredibly fun for our community.
Ajay Patel
Verified buyer
Ajay Patel -
Impressive functionality with exceptional ease of use. The update has added even more valuable features. Highly recommended!
Martin Navratil
Verified buyer
Martin Navratil -
This plugin has transformed our site into a thriving community hub. The tipster competition is now the highlight for our users!
Jake Lim
Verified buyer
Jake Lim -
Tipster competition is now the heart of our website. The latest version is stable and has a lot of great features.
Kwame Nkrumah
Verified buyer
Kwame Nkrumah -
The updates in 2022 have brought significant improvements. It's becoming an integral part of our tipster community.
Kaito Yamamoto
Verified buyer
Kaito Yamamoto -
Tipster Script Competition plugin has been a standout addition to our offerings. It's reliable, and the support team deserves a shout-out for their prompt assistance.
Danielle Smith
Verified buyer
Danielle Smith -
The plugin integrates perfectly with our site and works without a hitch. It's encouraged a lot more user interaction and that's exactly what we wanted.
Tomasz Nowak
Verified buyer
Tomasz Nowak -
I’ve been using this plugin for months and the experience has been flawless. It's boosted our user engagement significantly.
Isabella Bertoni
Verified buyer
Isabella Bertoni -
Decent functionality, but the design could be more intuitive. It’s good, but there's room for enhancement.
Javi Rodriguez
Verified buyer
Javi Rodriguez -
Absolutely thrilled with the competitive edge this plugin has introduced to our website. It's user-friendly and my subscribers love the new features!
Connor Reid
Verified buyer
Connor Reid -
This plugin is a game-changer for community engagement. Since installing, we've seen user activity double!
Hiroshi Nakamura
Verified buyer
Hiroshi Nakamura -
The plugin has been a great way to add a competitive edge to our site. Despite some initial teething problems, it's now running smoothly.
Sofia Castillo
Verified buyer
Sofia Castillo -
Struggling with some bugs that are affecting user experience. I hope the next update will fix these issues because the competition aspect is really promising.
Leon Becker
Verified buyer
Leon Becker -
A solid plugin with lots of potential. I've experienced some hiccups with the latest update, but I appreciate the constant improvements and active support.
Rodrigo Garcia
Verified buyer
Rodrigo Garcia -
Love the plugin, great support and its really easy to use. It brought a lot of value to our site.
Mia Svensson
Verified buyer
Mia Svensson -
"I found the installation to be straightforward, and the plugin itself is quite user-friendly. It's not without its quirks, but overall, it's been a great addition to our site.
Kofi Ansah
Verified buyer
Kofi Ansah -
This plugin has changed the game for us. The excitement it generates is palpable and it's been a delight to see my user base grow and become more active.
Nadia Petrova
Verified buyer
Nadia Petrova -
Just what my site needed to bring more engagement. The competition plugin is easy to navigate and the customer support has been helpful with every question I had.
Verified buyer
tiagonunes -
good script, simple features but gets the job done.
Dylan Murphy
Verified buyer
Dylan Murphy -
Our members are absolutely loving the competition plugin. It's simple to use and adds so much fun to our site. Would recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their tipster community!
Verified buyer
tojeivan -
Exactly what I was after for my WordPress site.
Yara Alves
Verified buyer
Yara Alves -
As a community manager, I find the Competition plugin invaluable. It's given us a way to keep our tipsters motivated and active, leading to more engagement site-wide.
Takumi Hayashi
Verified buyer
Takumi Hayashi -
Very impressive plugin. It brought a fresh dynamic to the table, encouraging more user interaction. Had a slight issue with a widget, but the support team was very responsive.
Emilia Rossi
Verified buyer
Emilia Rossi -
The leaderboards have never looked better! The plugin integrated seamlessly with my site, and my users can't stop talking about how much they enjoy the new competitive features.
Aisha Bello
Verified buyer
Aisha Bello -
This plugin has truly engaged my audience. The increase in daily visits and interaction between the community members has been phenomenal!
Leon Schmidt
Verified buyer
Leon Schmidt -
The Competition plugin is the heart of our site now. Users are loving the leaderboard feature, and I've seen a substantial increase in daily activity. Great product!
Santiago Torres
Verified buyer
Santiago Torres -
Impressed with the competition mechanics and how it drives traffic. Just saw a dip in the speed of my site, though. Might need to optimize further.
Fiona Chen
Verified buyer
Fiona Chen -
Tipster Script Competition has been a solid performer on my website. The user interface could use a bit of polish, but the functionality is top-notch.
Deepak Mehta
Verified buyer
Deepak Mehta -
The competition plugin is fantastic! It was easy to set up and even easier for my users to participate in. It's become the highlight of our platform.
Claudia Herrero
Verified buyer
Claudia Herrero -
This plugin has added a new level of excitement for my users. They're constantly checking in to see their standings. Just a small issue with customization, but support was quick to help."
Marcus Johnson
Verified buyer
Marcus Johnson -
Absolutely love the competitive edge this plugin adds to my site. My community is thriving with activity and the friendly competition keeps everyone engaged. Best addition to our betting platform yet!
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